Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the kitchen: Chocolate Chip Cookie Trials

I'm experimenting with posting while baking here. The trouble is that I can't place photos mid-post via phone. If anybody has a good iPhone app for blogger, let me know!

Anyway, when I test a recipe (or do a series of trials, like today) I carefully keep weight measurements of my recipes scrawled out in a little moleskine notbook.

I test the cookies by making up a half or quarter batch of the current recipe and I spoon out small, weighed balls onto a sheet. I then do a series of three per test. One balled, one slightly flattened, and one squished. This lets me see the way the dough spreads as it bakes. It's also a guarantee that for every one cookie I'm happy with, there are two less perfect that the husband and I get to snack on. Heh.

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