Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Custom Conversation Hearts

We are now taking orders for Custom Conversation Hearts! Use these classic Valentine's Day candies to dote upon a loved one, amuse your friends or get a serious point across. Whether you want them to say something adorable and classy like HEY GIRL or something personal like I <3 POOKIE, we can make it happen.

Do you have a more... satirical sense of affection? How about UR JUST OK, or even OH WELL?

Obviously I can get more and more ridiculous with these, outright rude even, and I'm happy to do so just for you! You can even buy them for your less-than-loved ones and have them stamped IT'S OVER or SO ALONE.

I'll even print foul language, if that's what you prefer. ;)

 Custom Conversation Hearts - Package of 1.2 ounces - $4.00
Order five or more packages and enjoy a 15% discount!

Custom Conversation Hearts are flavored with natural oils and extracts, colored with natural vegetable colorants (beet, red cabbage and curcumin) and made with organic sugar and organic (therefore GMO free) corn syrup. They may not be part of a balanced breakfast, but they're all natural!

Contact me to order your own conversation hearts today, or pick up an order form at our booth this weekend at MIX market in Ypsilanti Michigan!

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