Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Brainstorming

So! I've been asked to set up at a local Valentine's benefit in Ypsilanti, which is definitely exciting. The theme is chocolate and I'm tossing about some ideas, new and old... Obviously I'll be incorporating hearts, pink, chocolate... the normal stuff.

  • Chocolate shortbread with pink peppercorn
  • Mini layer cakes (chocolate with raspberry frosting? hazelnut?)
  • Custom conversation hearts (SO excited for this one...)
  • Heart shaped gobby hand cakes (whoopie pies)
  • Heart shaped raspberry marshmallows, dipped in chocolate 
  • Chocolate mini tarts with candy peanut butter flake (or hazelnut? hmmm)
  • Mini s'mores tarts
  • ... and many more.
I'll be bringing examples of Valentine's goodies to the next few markets, and I'll bring some order forms as well. I can't wait to get cracking on the custom conversation hearts! Imagine the joy and delight of unwrapping an adorable little candy heart, hand stamped with the phrase "Go Away"... :)

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